Upload Files

You have 2 options for uploading your digital files to our server:

The recommended - and most reliable - method is to use an FTP client.
You can use your preferred FTP software to upload the files to ftp.takealetter.co.uk using the user id "uploads" and the password "takealetter".

Please feel free to contact us to discuss downloading and configuring FTP software if you wish.

If for some reason you cannot use FTP software, you can use the form on this page to send us files.

To send us a file using this web page, simply drag the file or folder/directory onto the picture below. Alternatively, click on the Browse button, and search for your files or folders, clicking on 'upload' to start the upload process.

Once commenced, a progress bar will appear, showing how long the upload process will take.

Please be prepared for a long wait.

Once you have uploaded your files, please email us to inform us that you have done so.

This web page will ask your browser to automatically install the Java plug-in (if the correct version is not already installed).

If your system does not support this auto installation procedure you may need to visit java.sun.com and download the latest version of Java.

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